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We provides


Best Security, Armed-forces and Bouncer Services in Pune and PCMC


Our team specializes in the safety of human beings as well as property.


Our staff takes care of the client’s respect and his prestige.


We are always striving to transfer good quality services in our area.

Our Security Services

Accent Providing services such as Industrial, Corporate, Shopping Malls, colleges and hospitals. For this, we are hiring security manpower with advanced technology ie security guards, lady guards, bouncers, armed guards as per customer demand. Our security services company In Pune also ranks at the top.


We provide bank security services, security guards, Armed security guards, Lady security guards, and bouncers. for the Bank in the State of Maharashtra along with pune.

This enables our clients to go about their day-to-day business as usual.

We provide trained and professional security guards for VIP clients as per his requirement. this types of guards take care about human safety. We provide professional security guard services for banks in pune.

The security services required by the bank are required by the security guards’ board. to appoint companies that provide private security guards.

Bank required qualified fund managers, broker-dealers, asset servicing, fund administration. we offer a full range of services, asset management for insurance companies and corporations and institutional. We behavior everyone about a global custodian.

The recruited candidate has to be educated and knowledgeable. A bank is a responsible institution and security is very important. What if we train our security guards in the event of an emergency at the bank?


It’s very important to inform the business of your particular needs and concerns before selecting a guard or security team.

Armed security guards need and/or detain persons, prevent entry to the venue, make arrests and stop or prevent crimes.

Or Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint checks, and an extensive background evaluation.Make arrests and stop or prevent crimes or damage to people and property.

Armed guards can implement their protection to an at-risk employee district.Armed guards and officials protection to an at-risk employee property or individuals exist

Armed security also encouraged for scenarios that protection to at-risk employee tumultuous behavior.When one’s accountability protection to an at-risk employee sufficient protection to an at-risk employee.

Acccent Services is one of the best security services in Pune. When hiring a security guard for a particular occasion or your own personal safety.


Hiring a good safety guard company can be a very hard task since. there are a lot of security companies offering impeccable industrial security services.

A wide range of security solutions is offered by these firms like cell patrol, guard service, parking lot escort providers, surveillance tracking, etc.

Advanced security cameras, radios along with other modern gadgets are used. By these security guards on ensuring the safety and safety of properties.

Consequently, it is imperative to consider the intent of hiring these providers before choosing a specific security company. We provide intelligence services and allied services for clients.


Accent Services is providing trained security guard services for hotels security services in Mumbai and shopping malls in the state of Maharashtra.

They need the help of private security services and some of the top-ranked private companies provide security services at the customer’s demand.

The security guards required for shopping malls can work well with the management of the malls. Such that they need good physicality and education.

Security personnel has to do all the work in the shopping malls, presenting them on the go, checking the floor information to the customers.